Life after school/uni can be an exciting (and daunting) time - a lot can change! As the Young Adults group at Chase, we look to help each other navigate the ups and downs of life and encourage one another through our personal walks with Jesus.

We consider Young Adults to be those over 18 and those in their 20's - 30's.

For more information about our socials contact Richard Ward or Abigail Ward, or click here to see our Facebook Group, you will need to request membership of that group.  


hgRun by Peter and Suz Tidey, the Young Adults house group meets every two weeks on a Thursday night (8.00- 9.30pm), each time we meet at a different group member's house, and usually cover engaging discussion on God's word, spending time in prayer for one another and eating cake! If you're interested get in touch so we can add you to our WhatsApp group and let you know where we are meeting next. You can reach us at


Sanctuary takes place every other month on a Sunday night at our centre. It's a space for youth   and young adults to come together in worship, prayer and community.

Our next Sanctuary is on Sunday 14th July, 7-9pm.


 We host a monthly lunch at the centre for families with children 0-11.
 The Young Families lunch usually takes place on the third Sunday of the month - check   the church calendar for details.