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Online Money Course 2021:
Tuesdays 15th, 22nd & 29th June 
7:30 - 9pm on Zoom

Email us for more info or book directly through their website here.

What is the CAP Money Course?

The CAP Money Course is a free course that gives you skills, guidance and tools to help you budget effectively and manage your finances so you can save, give and prevent debt. CAP (Christians Against Poverty) is an award-winning national charity which has been running since 1996, their mission is to see people released from debt by giving them help and hope. For more information about CAP, check out their website.

What does the CAP Money Course cover?

The CAP Money Course consists of three sessions that cover the following:
  • How to build and live on a budget - this is the cornerstone of managing your money well, the session includes advice on how to increase your income and how to cut costs.

  • The 'CAP Money System' - this system will help to simplify your money and make it understandable.
  • How to live from week to week using cash - it's statistically proven that you spend 33% less money when paying by cash rather than cards.

By applying these three principles, you will learn how to manage your money... and live your life!

What happens at a CAP Money Course session?

Each delegate receives a handbook to work through, which gives helpful tips, advice and tools for managing money.

The sessions are run by trained CAP Money Coaches who lead you through the different stages of the course, help you build your budget and answer any questions you may have.

During the sessions, there are a few DVD clips to watch that introduce and explain the money management tools/systems - these are followed with discussion together and time spend with your dedicated CAP Money Coach discussing how you could implement the tools and systems in your life.


How do I find out more/book my place on the next CAP Money Course?

If you need more information, or want to book your place on the next CAP Money Course please email the church office or call 020 8366 5488.