Christian Alliance

Christian AllianceThe Christian Alliance, Enfield (the wooden hut at the junction of Parsonage Lane and Nunns Road ) is a registered charity affiliated to Keychange and has been on the same site since the early 1920s.

The CA’s ‘mission statement’ is to offer care, acceptance and active Christian community by providing different activities to meet the particular needs, including spiritual for different age groups in a friendly, safe and caring environment.

PLAYGROUP – this is OFSTED registered has been running for 25 years. This group for children of 2.5 – 4 years is a first step away from home towards ‘big school’ – the children enjoy lots of activities in a Christian environment.
There is a waiting list!

TODDLER GROUP – for parents/carers and children from birth to 4 years. An informal session with lots of toys,songs,coffee,juice,biscuits and chat. Just come along!

COFFEE MORNING – for the older members of the community. This is an opportunity to meet and chat over coffee/tea and biscuits with a break for a short talk. Members enjoy occasional lunches with Christian speakers, fish’n’chips, concerts and an annual outing.