Belong Women's Conference 2015 - 'Claiming our Inheritance'

Last weekend fifty women stayed at High Leigh Conference Centre for the Conference, another  twenty nine joined on Saturday for a wonderful time of prayer, praise, worship, teaching, fun and fellowship in the company of the Holy Spirit.  

Belong 2015 - CalebWith Gill leading us, accompanied by Cherise, we opened with a wonderful session of praise and worship, which lifted us out of the mundane into heavenly places.  As you can see, it was not only women who enjoyed the worship as Caleb joined in at every opportunity! On Friday evening Rachel reminded us that we are children of God and cannot, then, be a slave to fear.  Rachel told us we need to know our time and season, whether it be a time to use ploughshares or beat them into swords!  This message echoed that morning's prayer team meeting which had been focussed on using iron implements, forged by blacksmiths, to equip us. Rachel also reminded us about building resilience and endurance to run the race God has set for us and that we need brave people to run in our family! 'Let the weak say I am strong'. Rachel read one of her poems about a boy who kept falling during a race but looked to his father for help, who encouraged him to keep getting up and the boy finished the race last, but to huge applause from the spectators, more than the winner of the race received.  There was not a dry eye in the house!  Gordon Hickson then spoke powerfully on Saturday on the rights of God's inheritance to those who have chosen to become part of His family. 

Belong 2015 - HannahAfter a humorous, challenging but powerful workshop on fear presented by Deb and Caroline in the afternoon, the evening session with Rachel concentrated on the need to see our glorious inheritance correctly and not get stuck wandering round the wilderness in circles and in the grip of fear.  Gordon shared his moving testimony about his life as a British Army officer and his journey out of the dark and into God's light. 

On Sunday, Pete reminded us of the inheritance we have and the need to access it since it is part of a transaction, a covenant.  He also explained the importance of taking up that inheritance, the act of receiving. Pete also presided over the breaking of bread together which was a precious time of reflection when we came before the Lord. After lunch we were privileged to hear testimonies from a number of women about what the Lord has done in them that weekend.

There was a sense that we had gained so much during the weekend that we needed to be committed about keeping up the momentum and not losing sight of our goal to pray that the love of our Lord Jesus continues to be sread in our communities and across the nations.  So watch this space for future developments!

CDs of all five teaching sessions are available to purchase from Dave Cody.

We praise and thank the Lord for all His blessings over the weekend. The Holy Spirit knitted everything together to enable us to appreciate a perfectly coordinated and seamless exploration of the privilege we have of being in God's family and attaining the wonderful inheritance, that we, with and through His son, Jesus Christ, have been given.

Angela and Hannah, 20/10/2015
Anna Jouan (Guest) 20/10/2015 12:32
Was such a wonderful weekend, and I was only there for the day (Saturday)! God's presence, His truth and the gentle yet powerful ministering of Rachel & Gordon through Holy Spirit was liberating and transforming. Jesus, continue this in us as we commit to seeking Your face. A big thank you to everyone who was part of this. Bring on next year!
Mick Lebaigue 23/10/2015 18:35
I sneaked in at the back for the start of each meeting but on Saturday night I stayed the whole time as it was a fantastic holy spirit led gifts flowing wow time . The rapport between worship leader and preacher was amazing. What a privalage it was to be allowed to go. Thank you ladies
kanna (Guest) 04/12/2017 03:49
Belong women's conference the claiming our inheritage wonderful time of prayer and praise, worship. Thanks to this blog for improving about mundane into heavenly places and ploughshares or beat them into swords.

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