CLC Container Project - Liz Patten 

CLC ContainerYou will know that we don't allow people to make appeals for money at church on the basis that “the one who shouts the loudest” is not a good basis for the Church to give. However we do sometimes endorse and support a project if the Elders feel it is right from God and also if a number of people in the Church express a desire to support it as well. Both elements have come together but to raise the full ammount neededfor the container project, we are having a special appeal because the total amount of £5,000 cannot met out of church funds

So what is this project about?  In a nutshell, Liz needs to
  • Replace books and fittings destroyed by termites in Maputo.
  • Provide shelves in the Beira shop.
  • Replace fittings & furniture in Manzini.
Various offers of equipment are beginning to emerge in the UK so this project is to pay for a 20ft container, shipping and  customs clearance.If you would like to donate please mark your envelope “Liz Patten Container” (gift aid form?) Cheques payable “Chase Family Church”.  If you want to pay by bank transfer please contact Mick for details.

We commend this project to you and ask you to seek the Lord personally if you have a part to play. If you missed Liz speaking on the 8th June we strongly recommend you catch up and hear her talk/ You will understand this project so much more if you do.

Bless you

Mick Lebaigue, 14/07/2014

Angela Passant 16/07/2014 09:27
What a wonderful opportunity to show our support for CLC in a country we are most unlikely to ever visit ourselves. I like the thought of knowing that every penny will go directly where it is needed rather than 'admin costs'! A great idea and I love the special CLC container, Tony! Come one, folks, let's give what we can towards spreading the Word through this fantastic facility
(Guest) 17/09/2014 10:56
God bless you, Angela. Thanks so much. This container project is coming along and as with most projects, is getting "tweaked" along the way. Our worker in the bookshop in Maputo is already looking forward in anticipation of the finished results, although it will be a while yet! We really appreciate CFC getting behind this project, and are grateful to the LORD that costs are on target so far, in relation to expenses up to this point. Just a little bit of feedback there for you... :-)